Scotstoun Badminton Club achieve Bronze Shuttlemark Award

Scotstoun Badminton Club recently achieved the Shuttlemark Bronze Club Award making them the fourth club in the Glasgow & North Strathclyde group and the 23rd Club in Scotland to complete Shuttlemark.  The club meets on Friday’s from 7.00pm to 9.00pm in the Scotstoun National Badminton Academy in Glasgow and has around fifty members between the ages of 8 and 17.

“Scotstoun Badminton Club has a long history as a grassroots club” stated John Craig, secretary, but it is also a vibrant and forward-looking club. This summer the club held its first summer camp, has been full every  club night since re-start and is making final plans for the new Mini’s (6-9yrs) session, which is already fully-booked.

Badminton Scotland’s Shuttlemark Club Accreditation Scheme was launched in 2017 to help support clubs to develop and strengthen their infrastructure, plan for the future and in turn, increase capacity and grow. Badminton Scotland believes Clubs are key in providing quality opportunities for communities across Scotland to both participate & progress in badminton and believe this warrants recognition.

Gordon McCrae, the club’s newly appointed Chair, said “the club was happy to support this Badminton Scotland award scheme as it shows Scotstoun is a decently-run club. It was straight-forward to complete the work involved and now we move on to Silver”

To find out more about the club visit its website

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