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Focus On … Badminton

Badminton is keeping players of all ages and abilities active every day

A hugely accessible sport, combining strategy, skill, and movement, it is no surprise that badminton is one of the most popular sports in the world.

Played both recreationally and competitively by people of all ages and abilities, it really is a sport for everyone.

So, whether you’re just starting out, have played socially for years, or are competing at the highest level, badminton is the perfect way to keep active every day.

Badminton for active health

The health and fitness benefits of playing badminton are endless. A workout for your whole body using a range of movements, badminton is a great cardiovascular exercise and also works to strengthen key areas of the body such as the core.

Badminton Scotland’s Head of Performance, Ingo Kindervater said:

“The flexible pace of badminton makes it a great sport to play at all levels. Not only does it improve the coordination of your movement, but it can also develop physical qualities like speed, endurance, strength, resilience, and agility.”

A game for everyone

Whether you’re thinking about joining a badminton club, or maybe you already play regularly at a local sports hall… badminton appeals to and can be adapted to all ages and abilities.

Jack McLean, Regional Development Officer (West) at Badminton Scotland told us:

“At whatever level you want to play badminton, there really is something for everyone. Last year, we held and supported competitions and events for club-level players, school pupils, disability players, masters players (age 35-70), social players, women’s only events, and much more… We have also been working on a booklet for care homes that offers fun indoor games for the elderly.

“This year we’re really looking to continue to increase participation in badminton at a social level which means hosting more recreational and social competitions across the country”.

Disability badminton

Amongst those who enjoy badminton as a way to keep fit and active are people with disabilities and additional support needs. Disability badminton has become increasingly popular in recent years and for Badminton Scotland, there is no doubt that everyone with a physical, sensory, and/or learning disability should have the opportunity to participate in badminton activities.

Jane Russell, Lead for Disability at Badminton Scotland and Regional Development Officer (Tayside, Fife and Central) said:

“Badminton can be easily adapted to meet requirements of those with a disability or additional needs. Our disability badminton clubs in Scotland focus on individual improvement, fun game play, and bringing out the best in each individual’s ability, not disability.”

Opportunity for all

The Perth & Kinross Disability Badminton event is run in partnership between Perth & Kinross

Disability Group, Badminton Scotland, and Glenearn BC and started in 2019. Since then, the number of participants has grown each year with last year’s event at Academy of Sport and Wellbeing, UHI Perth attracting over 50 entrants from all over Scotland.

Last November, Badminton Scotland hosted the UK Para Badminton Championships for the first time at Tollcross International Swimming and Leisure Centre. The tournament brought together 65+ Physical Disability (PD) and Learning Disability (LD) athletes over three days to play in over 30 events.

Jane said:

“For some players, this was their first time competing at this level and playing against opponents from across the UK. We were delighted to welcome entries from big names in the para-badminton scene and facilitate some brilliant competition.”

Disability clubs and sessions run regularly across Scotland. Badminton Scotland’s Disability Badminton page is full of useful information and resources for those looking to take part.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Survey

Badminton Scotland is committed to promoting equality and addressing issues of discrimination in the sport. Capturing information helps to build a picture of the diversity within Scotland’s badminton community and better understand if it is representative of Scottish society.

Badminton Scotland’s Inclusion Officer, Carolina O’Neill de Sousa E Sa said:

“The information gathered in this survey will aid us in identifying ways in which we can make badminton a more accessible and inclusive sport to all.”

The survey is open to all Badminton Scotland members AND non-members ages 16+

Take the survey here.

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