St George’s new partnership with Badminton Scotland

St George’s School & Badminton Scotland Partnership Serves Up Unique Girls’ and Women’s Badminton Opportunities

We are delighted to announce our new partnership! Over the course of our first year in partnership together we are planning some exciting opportunities to get involved around International Women’s Day in 2024. This will include women and girls’ league/competitions as well as all-female workforce development courses.

Carol Chandler-Thompson, Head says:

“We are delighted to partner with the National Governing Body, Badminton Scotland. Aligned in our values and passionate about creating opportunities for women and girls, we are delighted to develop our work with Badminton Scotland further. St George’s has a pioneering history as the first training college for female teachers in Edinburgh, when it was far from commonplace. We understand the importance of female role models.

Enthusiasm and talent amongst women and girls surround us but sadly, opportunity does not, especially when it comes to prioritising facilities, time and staffing. This partnership aims to increase the profile of women and girls’ participation in Scotland, develop a workforce to support this and firmly embed badminton within the wider community and for all ages and identities.”

Pictured: Head of St George’s Carol Chandler-Thompson with Rita Yuan Gao (Regional Development Officer for Lothian and Borders)

Carolina O’Neill de Sousa E Sa, Badminton Scotland Inclusion Officer says:

“It’s great to see the importance of women and girls in sport being highlighted and put into action by St George’s and we are proud to continue championing initiatives like this one. Regional Development Officer for Lothian and Borders, Rita Yuan Gao, has been instrumental in getting the partnership up and running and will continue to provide support where needed. We invite all clubs and communities who are looking to offer opportunities to equality groups or marginalised groups to reach out to us and have a chat about how we can support you and/or your local community”.