U13s / U17s Scottish National Junior Badminton Championships results


Last month the Scottish National Junior Badminton Championships took place for the under 13s and Under 17s categories, as the best of the age categories compete for the National champion title.

Under 17s

In the Under 17s categories the pressure was on for many of the defending champions.

Deepti Vijayakumar came away with the treble in the Under 17s categories across girls singles, girls doubles and mixed doubles. Vijayakumar was the defending women’s doubles champion but this year changed doubles partners and won it again alongside her other titles.

Her mixed partner Lewis Smith, was also the defending boys doubles champion but his partner from last year had moved up an age category. This year, Lewis partnered Lingyun Xiao and he retained his boys doubles title by defeating Ciaran Hope and Alfie Sweeney in straight sets in the final. Lingyun also retained the U17 boys singles defeating Alfie Martin in the final. This meant that both Lewis and Lingyun were double title winners.

Xiao went on to also win the boys single category beating Alfie Martin to retain his title.

Full Under 17s Results

BS U17
1 Lingyun Xiao [2] 2 Alfie Martin [3/4] 3/4 Arnav Saraswat [3/4] 3/4 Lewis Smith [1]

GS U17
1 Deepti Vijayakumar [1] 2 Qing Yang Xiao [2] 3/4 Jaagruti Mannem [3/4] 3/4 Anshita Jaiswal [3/4]

GD U17
1 Deepti Vijayakumar [1] Qing Yang Xiao
2 Anshita Jaiswal [2] Ingrid Wang
3/4 Jaagruti Mannem
Shreya Vargheese
3/4 Shona Brown
Valentina Peterson

1 Lewis Smith [1] Lingyun Xiao
2 Ciaran Hope [3/4] Alfie Sweeney
3/4 Alfie Martin [2] Arnav Saraswat
3/4 Ben Ross
Kieran Tsang

XD U17
1 Lewis Smith [1] Deepti Vijayakumar
2 Lingyun Xiao [2] Qing Yang Xiao
3/4 Adam Li
Shona Brown
3/4 Arnav Saraswat [3/4] Ingrid Wang

Under 13s

Across the under 13s there were some incredibly impressive performances from those who have only just began competing in the under 13s categories.

Yingfan Wang won gold at both the boys singles and doubles at just 10 years old, with a dominating finals win in the singles.

Simularly James Huang who Wang beat in the finals of both of these categories only turned 10 a few days before the event so performed exceptionally well to get two silver medals in the under 13s age group.


Under 13s Results

BS U13
1 Yingfan Wang [1] 2 James Huang
3/4 Yuanxi Cui
3/4 Divyam Goyal [2]

GS U13
1 Emily Jobson [1] 2 Akshara Chavan [2] 3/4 Samyutha Praburaja
3/4 Annika Sinha

BD U13
1 Yiming Oscar Feng [1] Yingfan Wang
2 Divyam Goyal
James Huang
3/4 Aayush Nagdeve [2] Aarav Sinha
3/4 Will Hunter
Saathvik Karthik Saravanan

GD U13
1 Akshara Chavan [1] Emily Jobson
2 Josie Columbine [2] Sophie Mackay
3 Anvita Awasthi
Samyutha Praburaja
4 Ava Li
Annika Sinha

XD U13
1 Divyam Goyal [1] Akshara Chavan
2 Yingfan Wang [2] Emily Jobson
3/4 Saitej Ganti
Samyutha Praburaja
3/4 Aarav Sinha
Annika Sinha