4 Nations Para Badminton International Inspires the Community

The 4 Nations Para Badminton International was a huge success, both the competition itself, as well as the morning development activities taking place in the velodrome.

These activities were targeted at disabled young people and adults and encouraged them to take up badminton through learning basic skills and playing fun games. There were over 50 people in attendance across the 3 days, with most participants also staying on to watch the main event after the activities.

One of the members from Things Tae Dae club said:

“I’ve had a great time playing badminton with my friends and I’m really excited to support the Scottish players this afternoon.”

Badminton Scotland also hosted a disability coaching workshop to encourage current and aspiring badminton coaches to gain knowledge around support disabled participants, as well as breaking down existing barriers. This was delivered by Regional Development Officer, Jane Russell, and former para athlete and current Disability Working Group Chair, Alan Oliver.

Workshop participant, Laura Muir, noted:

“I loved the practical side of the workshop.  It was very helpful to be able to work with the players directly and engage with them. They gave the coaches some information on what they wanted to improve and then feedback on our routines.  I look forward to taking the ideas forward in my school’s club.”

Attendees were also very lucky to have a number of Scottish para and disability athletes come along to the session so coaches got the opportunity to ask questions and learn best practice. A huge thank you to the players for taking the time to do this.

If you have any questions on disability badminton, please contact Jane Russell at jane@badmintonscotland.org.uk, or Inclusion Officer, Carolina O’Neill de Sousa e Sa, at carolina@badmintonscotland.org.uk.