Dundee Weekly Round Up! T Duncan & Co Handicap Cup

The Dundee Area Badminton season culminated with the final of the T Duncan & Co Handicap Cup final between David Lloyd and Nomads.


This was an intriguing contest between First Division champions Nomads and 2nd Division newcomers David Lloyd with Nomads requiring to overcome an 18 point deficit.


The first set of games was very tight and ended with the scoreline 1-1, however there was a major setback for David Lloyd as Phil Fraser suffered an ankle injury and was unable to continue.  This meant that 3 games required to be forfeited and David Lloyd faced an uphill battle to win the cup.  It became an impossible task following a further win by Nomads in the 2nd round of games with a 21-15, 21-17 win by Bill Hogg an Lauren Corbett clinching the victory.   There was a win apiece in the final round of games and David Lloyd had certainly made it a very competitive and entertaining final in front of a decent crowd, but Nomads ran out 5-2 victors to lift the trophy for the first time since 2015 and complete the double.  First Division players of the year Bill and Lauren were again in great form as they won all their games in the final.