Super Sivan triumphs over Flores to take SH 6 gold

Top seed Nithya Sre Sumathy Sivan clinched gold in the women’s singles SH 6 final, overcoming Giuliana Poveda Flores 21, 15, 21 to 16, 21, 17.

A bright start for the Indian player saw her take the opening set, but four-time Pan-American champion Flores fired back with an impressive second set. Sivan held her nerve though to take home the gold in a competitive 21 to 17 deciding set.

Leading 11 to 6 at the first set interval, it was clear that Sivan had settled better into what was the day’s opening match. Her composure was particularly apparent. Flores was potentially producing the flashier shots, but a string of deep clears from Sivan sealed a nerve-settling first set.

Roles were reversed in set two as the Peruvian Flores raced into a 5 to 0 lead. Sivan remained competitive but Flores’ lack of errors took her into the interval with a seven-point lead.

Sivan inched her way back into the set after the interval and found herself within four points of Flores, bringing the game to the net and punishing Flores with cross-body smashes.

Flores would have enough to hold out and take the second set 21-15. The opening sets highlighted both of their abilities though and with the third set even at 10 to 10, neither were giving an inch.

However, Sivan’s early composure returned and whilst Flores was forcing the issue with attempted drop shots, the Indian player controlled the rallies and picked her moments to pull away on the scoreboard.

Composure would prevail as Flores ran out of time to mount a fightback. Sivan took home the 4 Nations International gold with a 21-17 deciding set victory.


By Nathan Hassett

Nathan Hassett (@nathanhassett__) / X