Ciar Pringle

Men’s Singles Finalist of Scottish National Championships 2019.

Ciar Pringle

Name: Ciar Pringle

Date of birth: 31/01/1999

Place of birth: Glasgow

Current Residence: East Kilbride

Right or left handed: Right Handed

Main event(s): Men’s Singles

Scottish Titles:

Lanarkshire Open Mixed Doubles 2017

East of Scotland Men’s Singles and Doubles 2019

Glasgow Championships 2019 Men’s Singles and Doubles 2019

Other notable achievements:

Men’s Singles Finalist of Scottish National Championships 2019

Men’s Doubles Finalist of Irish Open 2018

European Junior Championships 2017

World Junior Championships 2017

Career Highlight(s):

Irish Open 2018 Men’s Doubles Finalist

Coach(s): Ingo Kindervater, Robert Blair

Sponsors: Yonex

Equipment used (Racket, Shoes): Duora Z-Strike, Yonex SHB-65ZM

Badminton Goals & Ambitions: Commonwealth, Olympic and World Medals

Typical week Training Schedule: (when not at university)

Monday: 8-11 Badminton, 2-3 Weights, 3-5 Badminton

Tuesday: 8-11 Badminton, 2-5 Badminton/Conditioning

Wednesday: 8-11 Badminton, 11-11:30 Yoga, 2-3 Weights

Thursday: 8-11 Badminton, 2-5 Badminton/Conditioning

Friday: 8-11 Badminton, 2-3 Weights

When did you start playing badminton and why?

Started playing around 6 or 7 years old and then competitively at around 9 years old. I started playing because my dad played badminton for Scotland and I used to be brought along to the club he was involved in helping on Saturday mornings along with Bob Ullah (coach) where he would throw shuttles at me and I would just try and hit them. He inspired me to play as I wanted to be like him and represent my country and compete at the top level like he did.

First badminton memories:

Playing at the Shuttleworks Badminton Club on Saturday mornings and my dad taking me for little sessions on the end courts, throwing shuttles for me and setting out little circuits on the court for me to run through.

What do you enjoy most about being a badminton player?

Competing at a high level, being challenged, meeting others and most importantly winning. I enjoy improving my skills in badminton and making personal gain in my badminton training whether it be physical, mental or technical. I enjoy being able to travel and to be able to experience different cultures when I travel abroad.

If you play for a foreign club, which one?

Hamburg Horner TV, Germany

If not badminton then…other sport?

I enjoy many other sports as I am a competitive person and don’t like losing. When the Olympics comes around you’ll catch me watching many sports that don’t particularly get a lot of attention such as archery, shooting, beach volleyball and bmx.

Tips for young players:

Junior National Titles aren’t the be all and end all of everything and you can still progress into senior badminton at a high level. Being told that you can’t play a specific event shouldn’t stop you from playing it and have your own focus and strive to achieve what you believe you are capable of.


Going out with my friends for coffee

Meeting friends at university

Travelling and competing with the university team is really enjoyable and a good chance to socialise too


Favourite food: Oriental Cuisine

Favourite music: RnB

Favourite foreign badminton destination: Indonesia, Yogyakarta for World Junior Championships

Favourite badminton tournament: Junior Olve JOT, Belgium—meeting lots of international players and continuing friends throughout Junior and Senior career

Most admired badminton player:

Chou Tien Chen, Chinese Taipei

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