Adam Pringle

Holder of 3 Scottish Senior Domestic titles.

Adam Pringle

Name: Adam Pringle

Date of birth: 31/01/2001

Place of birth: Glasgow

Current Residence: East Kilbride

Right or left handed: Right Handed

Main event(s): Men’s Doubles & Mixed Doubles

Current partner(s): Jack MacGregor & Rachel Andrew

International Titles:

U17 Estonian International, 2016, Mixed Doubles

U17 Swedish International, 2017, Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles

U17 Junior Olve Tournament, 2017, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles

U17 French International, 2017, Mixed Doubles

U17 Danish Junior Cup, 2017, Men’s Doubles

U19 Irish Open, 2018, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles

Scottish Titles:

8 Scottish National Junior Titles U11-U19 (3x Singles, 2x Doubles, 3x Mixed Doubles)

3 Scottish Senior Domestic Titles

Other notable achievements:

U15 European Championships Bronze Medallist, 2016, Boys Doubles

U17 European Championships Bronze Medallist, 2017, Mixed Doubles and Team Event

U19 European Championships Team, 2018

World Junior Championships Team, 2018 and 2019

Career Highlight (s): European Junior U15 & U17 bronze medals in 3 different events.

Coach(s): Ingo Kindervater, Robert Blair

Sponsors: FZ Forza

Equipment used (Racket, Shoes): FZ Forza Power 988S, FZ Forza Fierce M

Badminton Goals & Ambitions: Commonwealth, Olympic and World Champion.

Typical week Training Schedule:

Full time schedule (when not at university):

Monday- Badminton 8-11, Weights & Badminton 2-5

Tuesday- Badminton 8-11, Cardio & Badminton 2-4:30

Wednesday- Badminton 8-11

Thursday- Badminton 9-11, Agility & Badminton 3-5

Friday- Badminton 8-11, Weights 2-4


When did you start playing badminton and why?

Started playing badminton for fun at around 5 years old. My dad played for Scotland and my siblings and I would play together. It started to get more competitive the older I got and as I started to play competitions at a young age. I enjoyed trying to beat my siblings and my friends. My first competition was around age 6/7 at U11 age group.


First badminton memories:

Playing at Shuttleworks Badminton Club at the Cockburn centre practising overheads using a shuttle attached to a string on a stick with my dad and coach, Bob Ullah. I remember trying to get on top of the ladder competition at the club and always challenging the best players there.


What do you enjoy most about being a badminton player?

Competing, meeting others, travelling and winning!! It’s been a big part of my life since I was young, going to my first international tournament in Belgium was very exciting and I managed to meet many young foreign players who are still playing at the moment.


If you play for a foreign club, which one?

BC Beuel, Bonn-Beuel, Germany


If not badminton then…other sport?

Tennis because I like to watch the Grand Slam tournaments, especially Wimbledon, and like to play during the summer/when I’m on holiday.


Tips for young players:

Don’t give up on an event if it is not going your way because it can change as you grow and gain more experience.

Even though training can be challenging, it is so rewarding to know that you have worked hard, and you are showing your skills on court when competing.


Going out for coffee and food with friends.

Playing pool with my friends at university.

Favourite food: Italian

Favourite music: RnB

Favourite foreign badminton destination: Canada

Favourite badminton tournament: Olve JOT in Edegem, Belgium

Most admired badminton player: Markis Kido, Indonesia


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