How does JustGo improve the administration of my club?

‘Club+’ is a feature of the JustGo membership system which gives club secretaries greater admin access & makes managing club details, member information, club affiliation to Badminton Scotland, as well as other administrative tasks much easier. Clubs are also able to easily analyse their members’ data via downloadable reports and [...]

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What benefits will I receive as an individual member?

There are numerous benefits to becoming an individual member of Badminton Scotland, some of these include: Entry into Badminton Scotland sanctioned events Public Liability Cover (PLC) for non-club badminton activities Access to discounted places on Badminton Basics Award and other coaching courses, including CPD Access to discounted court hire at [...]

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When does the membership begin/end?

Your membership will begin the day you purchase it and lasts for the badminton season it is purchased in, normally from the 1st August of one year until the 31st July the following year. For example: The 2023/2024 badminton season begins on 1st August 2023 & ends on 31st July 2024. Your [...]

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How do I become an individual member?

As all Badminton Scotland memberships are managed online, simply follow this link to access the sign-up/login page of our online membership portal, JustGo. Here, you can register your details with us, gain access to the portal via your own personal member profile and purchase membership with us to become an official individual [...]

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Why is the individual membership important for the future of badminton?

The launch of Badminton Scotland’s individual membership marks a milestone in the development and modernisation of our sport, focusing on investment, growth and improving the structure of Scotland’s Badminton clubs and communities. With community at the heart of our updated 2022 / 2027 strategy, the introduction of an individual membership [...]

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Why is there a “need” for individual affiliation? Around 90% of our club want to play badminton on a club night, socialise and go home, to return the following week.

There is a need for two main reasons: If we want badminton in Scotland to flourish, we need to generate more income and connect across the badminton community in Scotland. One of the main challenges for the sport is that we have 150,000 players playing weekly however only 4,500 are [...]

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